Attend Online Services On Church Center

What Is Church Center Sermons?

Church Center Sermons is the new feature on the Church Center app and Church Center web that allows you to be part of Peoples Church Online services using any internet-enabled device, and I mean any!

This feature allows you to interact with other people attending the same service with you (if you are part of a live service) via the chat functionality. You have options to participate in the general chat, whereby you chat with everyone in the same service as you at that time. Or you can chat with just your LifeGroup members. This significantly enhances the Church At Home experience. You will now be able to respond to messages while they are being preached and interact with other attendees based on whatever is going on during the service.

Have concerns around your mobile data? Don't worry, we also have audio-only messages to assist with that.

What Else Can I Do?

General & Group Chat

Through the Chat functionality, if you are part of a live service, you will be able to chat with everyone who is also attending with you the same service at the same time. You also have the option to chat only with your fellow LifeGroup members! You will be able to encourage one another as well as share anything related to the message that can help someone in your group.

Just make sure that the service you are watching is live, and that you are logged in so that you will see the chat feature.

Video/Audio-Only Options

In order to try and accommodate those who are trying to save on their mobile-data usage, we have an option of audio-only services which are far more data-efficient than the video services. The best part? You will still be able to chat with everyone listening to the same service with you (if you are listening live) or chat just with your fellow LifeGroup members!

Watch On Demand

Once a live service has finished, it will immediately become available in the library for you to re-watch whenever you want to. If you ever, for whatever reason, find yourself not being able to attend a live service, you will still be able to watch it another time. You will not have the ability to chat with others if you are re-watching a service that's not live.

Fill Out Forms

You will be able to fill out forms without having to pause or disturb the service. Do you have a prayer request or a praise report or want to sign up to serve? Simply click or tap a button on your screen and fill out the form while the service goes on uninterrupted in the background.

Share & Invite Others

It’s now easier than ever to invite others to attend church with you. You can copy the link to the service on your browser window (on Church Center web) or tap the share button from the app, then you can send the link to anyone you would like to invite to attend the service.

We hope these features are going to help you get the most out of Church At Home services. They are not meant to replace physical church attendance, but to make online Church attendance a little more personal and humane. Take care, and see you online.