Crossing Over To The Other Side

It was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of moment. The nation of Israel was at the cusp of crossing over to inherit the land that had been promised to their forefathers. But between them and their inheritance stood an impossible situation. Without boats or rafts to cross the Jordan river, it seemed they would not be able to cross over to possess the land God had sworn to give to them. What Joshua said to them will also help us to be able to cross over any challenging situation to possess God’s promises for us.

God’s Love For You

In our journey to loving Jesus, we normally make a very big mistake. That mistake is, we assume that He is just like all the other people that we have interacted with and been in relationships with. But Jesus is unlike anyone we have ever met and a relationship with Him is unlike any relationship we have ever been in.

Living Generously (All Year Round)

Generosity as a lifestyle is a much better way to live, also, Christians have a much better motivation for living generous lives. Namely, the greatest gift anyone can ever receive here on earth, the gift of salvation. We are generous because God is a generous God and we are made in His image.

The Mercy & Grace of God

Sometimes something can be so common that we sometimes struggle understanding just what it means. That is why in this teaching we look at the concepts of God’s mercy and grace and endeavour to answer the following two questions: (1) What does God’s mercy and grace actually mean? (2) How should God’s mercy and grace change how we live our lives?