Return To In-Person Church Gatherings

Hello from Peoples Church.

Having taken all the necessary steps to ensure a safe return to in-person gatherings, Peoples Church leadership has reached a decision to reopen in-person gatherings starting from Sunday, 1 November 2020. At this stage in-person gatherings will only be for the Sunday morning adults service. The rest of the church ministries (IGNITE, DZYND, REFLECT, Prayer Meeting, Sistaz Connected, Salt & Light) will remain closed for in-person gathering until it is safe for them to re-open.

Part of the necessary steps for re-opening in-person gatherings safely will include, but not limited to the following:

• There will be a limit of 60 people per service (including children).

• Each person wanting to attend in-person will need to pre-book their seat.

• Hand sanitizing stations will be strategically located throughout the facility.

• Each attendee’s temperature will be measured and recorded upon arrival.

• The church hall as well as the restrooms will be sanitized/disinfected an hour before the beginning of the service and straight after the end of the service.

Each person attending the service needs to adhere to the following:

• Ensure that they pre-book their seat(s) before Thursday of each week they will be attending.

• Keep their facemask on throughout the time they are on the church premises.

• Provide personal details upon arrival for the purposes of contact tracing.

• Maintain a safe social distance of 1,5m from other people at all times (excluding people from your own household).

The Structure Of The Service

Note that the church online platform will continue to be offered (including audio file versions) even as in-person gatherings are resuming. The in-person service will be limited to a maximum of 1 hour.

Upon Arrival

• Sanitize your hands

• Get temperature scanned

• Provide personal (and contact) details

• Be ushered to your seat

During the service

• Keep your mask on throughout the service (even during singing).

• Offering will be taken at the end of the service, and containers will not be passed around.

• We will not be taking communion together on Sunday 1 November 2020.

• Limit physical contact with people outside of your own household.

• People from the same household will be permitted to sit closer to each other during the service (without the 1,5m social distance limit).

• Since IGNITE will not be happening in-person yet, parents with children will be able to sit with their children in the hall during the service.

After the service

• Put your offering on the containers located next to the exits.

• We will measure your exit temperature.

N.B: We strongly encourage attendees not to gather after the service is over, neither in the hall, church grounds nor parking lots. This is for your safety and to limit the risk of the spread of the virus.


• The use of restrooms will be permitted but limited to 2 people at a time (females) and 1 person at a time (male).

• Ensure to sanitize your hands before and after you use a restroom.

How to book your seat(s)?

As there are limited seats available per service, make sure to pre-book and receive confirmation before making your trip to church. You can book your seat via the Church Center App (under the Events tab), or Church Center Online ( You are welcome to contact the office for assistance (WhatsApp or call +27660260170).

• Deadline for booking: Wednesdays at midnight.

• You will only be allowed entry into the building if you have pre-booked and received confirmation that your seat has been reserved.

• Online service option will still be available for those who didn’t book or booked after the maximum capacity has been reached.


• We will continue providing online content for kids to watch at home.

N.B: We urge all attendees to be patient and gracious as the noise level during the service might be a bit higher than normal due to children being in attendance.


As the virus continues to pose a serious risk, strict adherence to health and safety regulations will be highly appreciated.

We have appointed Shaka Maphaha as the Peoples Church COVID-19 compliance officer. He will be working with a team to ensure that we conduct in-person gatherings in a safe and responsible way. We ask that you assist them by complying with everything that they say

Kind regards,


Issued on Wednesday 21 October 2020.